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Forward Edge Associates is an operating unit of Spencer Ray Inc.; a Kentucky based Sub-Chapter S Corporation. Forward Edge Associates was started in 1991 as a service business to provide quality employee drug testing services to local companies. As a response to client needs, Forward Edge Associates has expanded its services to include management of substance abuse testing programs for clients who operate over a wide geography in multiple locations. Management of client alcohol testing programs was added in 1995.

Forward Edge Associates has targeted its marketing efforts and designed its administrative management systems to best serve agri-business, manufacturers, construction companies, and school systems. Currently Forward Edge Associates has a staff of six full time employees in the Lexington, Kentucky headquarters and two employees in the Owensboro office. In January of 2001, an office was opened in Frankfort to further increase our client service capabilities. A medical doctor serves as the operation’s full time certified Medical Review Officer. Forward Edge maintains an ongoing working relationship with over 1,000 collection sites to handle specimen collections for client companies.

In 1993, Forward Edge Associates began managing its first large CDL driver consortium. Forward Edge Associates successfully obtained the contract to begin managing the Minnesota Crop Production Retailer Association drug-testing program designed for member companies. This consortium has grown to include over 2,000 CDL drivers that work for agricultural retailers in Minnesota.

Although Forward Edge Associates is independently owned and operated, it maintains a strategic partnership and working relationship with Forward Edge Inc., a privately owned company based in Houston, Texas. Forward Edge Inc. was founded in the early 1980’s and was one of the pioneers in introducing employee drug testing into the petrochemical and transportation industry working with clients such as Phillips Petroleum, Shell Oil, etc. The purchasing power of the two separate companies combined has enabled each company to offer its clients attractive prices, and bring quality innovations to the marketplace.

The company’s first national client was added in early 1994. Lexmark, formerly a division of IBM, has contracted with Forward Edge Associates to offer pre-employment testing services for all Lexmark employee locations throughout North America. Forward Edge Associates currently manages all remote specimen collection sites needed by Lexmark in this geographic area.

Helen R. Spencer is the founder and current President of Forward Edge Associates. She is also the principal stockholder of the parent company Spencer Ray, Inc. Helen is active in the day-to-day operation of the business and personally over sees the management and training of the staff. Helen has received several certifications. She has been certified as an Evidential Breath Alcohol Technician Trainer, and the Lexington office has been accredited as a qualified specimen collection site by the governing DATIA organization.

In 1999, Forward Edge Associates installed an upgraded computer network that enables the company to handle larger databases, access information quickly, and offer superior customer service. Electronic links have been established with the primary forensic testing laboratory used. Forward Edge has developed its own computer software programming, which has allowed the company to become very efficient and flexible in designing invoicing and reporting systems as requested by individual clients. Forward Edge Associates takes great pride in delivering what the client requests in a timely and quality manner at competitive prices.

2001 represented a major milestone for the company as Forward Edge Associates celebrated ten years of continuous growth and service to clients. In 2002, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville both put their trust in Forward Edge to administer their high profile collegiate athletic testing needs for all sports. Forward Edge Associates now has the experienced management team, trained staff, computer infrastructure, and facilities to handle accelerated growth expected for the future.