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Addictive SubstancesThe costs of drug and alcohol abuse in your workplace are likely to be much higher than you imagine. Although the abusing employees who work for you may be small in number, the costs generated by them can be large.

The cost factors are:

  • Absenteeism and tardiness
  • Accidents and higher insurance rates.
  • Higher medical care to treat illnesses and injuries related to abuse.
  • Product loss, waste and theft.
  • Lower productivity
  • Problems in supervision.

Laboratory Flask

Organizations that have initiated drug and alcohol abuse programs consistently report substantial cost reductions. The successful programs have these elements in common:

  • Rules and procedures based on a sound policy
  • Employees who are aware of the policy, and of the consequences of abuse.
  • Supervisors who have been trained to carry out the policy
  • A mechanism for identifying employees who have drug or alcohol problems and referring them to treatment channels.
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